Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tea Party in Tanic over Rick Scott



Ardent anti-Obamacare Gov. Rick Scott tossed his tea bag ideology overboard this week and made national news doing so by voicing his full support and acceptance of federal dollars to expand Medicaid in Florida.

The Tea Party is all a-twitter over the loss of a sitting conservative governor once thought Least Likely to Sell his Soul to Win Reelection.

Erick Erickson, Red State:


Governor Scott is interested in getting re-elected and has terrible poll numbers. No doubt part of this decision has to do with his wanting to get re-elected.

When politicians do what they feel they must to get re-elected instead of doing what they know is right, they often lose re-election and, even when they do not, lose their way.

It is a sad day for conservatives.

The following tweets posted by Tampa Bay Times are (IMHO) by far the funniest observations and responses, but feel free to choose your favorite here.

“Medicaid expansion, Obamacare, teacher bonuses who is this guy?
--Senate Democratic Leader Chris Smith of Ft. Lauderdale via Twitter 

Will Medicaid Expansion cover me for the knife @FLGovScott just buried in my back?”
--Henry Kelley of the Florida Tea Party Network via Twitter 
The governor indicated he found Jesus, 'er "...a new perspective ..."  following his mother's death last year.


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At 2/22/13, 1:46 PM , Anonymous David aka: zenswimmer said...

Truth or Consequences - He chose Consequences and didn't choose wisely. Oh the irony is killing me! Way too funny, way too little, way to short on dollars and definitely: way too late. All choices have consequences.

At 2/22/13, 7:50 PM , Anonymous Sheree said...

I bet this gets WAY more funny....:)


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