A New Age Way to Sell

Internet Marketing or Online Marketing has been defined as advertising efforts that use the Web and e-mail to drive direct sales through electronic commerce. It is usually used together with other types of marketing strategies such as print and media advertisements. But some prefer this new age method of marketing than the old ways because it is cheaper than traditional methods of marketing like: advertisements on the radio and televisions and print advertisement. A lot of big companies prefer this method because costs of advertisement are lessened and those unused portion of those funds could be reallocated to the other needs of such company. In this day and age this type or marketing is a means of survival in the business world. Everything is on the internet and being out there is the goal. In the old days businessmen had to have a place to sell their goods and people to spread the word about their goods but now all they need to do is utilize what the internet has to offer.

Internet Marketing has different areas which can be classified into the following: Web Marketing, Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

social media marketingWeb Marketing is a term used for marketing done in the internet. Those websites you see in the internet would be a great example of what this is. You may have seen sites with videos, with an introductory walk through, beautiful formats. This method allows sellers to monitor how many visits their website received which could result in a positive impact on their sales. It also enables them to see if their site needs to be improved or promoted further so more hits would come. Some companies research on how their website should be like for them to be able increase their sales and client base.

Email Marketing is one in which marketing is done through email messages sent to current and prospective clients. It is more interactive than web marketing since the clients may respond to the email send to them. The client can give comments as to how the liked or disliked the message they received. Most emails sent has an option wherein the receiver may choose not to receive emails from the sender. This way those who are not interested are weeded out. This type of marketing is preferred because it has a very specific approach as to the customer baseline and the content relayed to them. Email and web marketing go hand in hand since the email sent has a link to the website of the seller. Some send newsletters and include a survey too.

Social Media Marketing entails marketing through social networking sites.

Social networking sites are not just for people like you and me but it can also be for businesses which may be big or small. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of these while posting on facebook or twitter. Entrepreneurs have utilized it to their advantage because they know that prospective clients could see their ads on these sites. Here are a few forms of social media marketing: blogs, social networks, micro blogs, social bookmarking media-sharing sites and review sites, forums, voting sites and virtual worlds. This type is like web and email marketing rolled into one. It addresses all possible clients in a general and a specific way. It could be general since anyone can see the ads regardless if they are possible clients or not. It can be specific as well because specific information to specific people are blasted through these sites. A lot of people are using these sites and information gets passed around so easily and as an added bonus signing up usually doesn’t cost a thing. It’s a lot like word of mouth but a lot faster and to a lot more people.

Some mix and match these kinds of online marketing strategies while some utilize them all. It’s up to them to see what works best for them.